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My name is Ryan Meyers and I have been working in the production world for over 25 years and got my feet wet in the news industry.  Over that time, I have learned many different aspects on how to produce quality entertainment.  With this experience I have realized organization and communication are two valuable assets a producer can posses and I feel are integral into a successful production.  I feel these are two skills I have and utilize on every shoot regardless of live sports, scripted or unscripted formats.  Along with working along a great team, which I feel when a team can work together then can posse’s greatness.


I have been working freelance as of late directing and producing all different types of content in the sports world.  I am confident in finding relevant stories while working under a strict deadline and the pressure of getting the final product out in an expedited time and within budget.  I feel these skills will translate to all types of production big or small.   I have traveled the world and understand the hick-ups that come up while on the road and I know I am able to find solutions to any problem that may arise.


My most recent work with Red Bull Media House is on their Enduro Championship Series (WESS) .  I have directed, written and produced numerous episodes over the life of the series, and taking it to the number one rated series on Red Bull MotorSports.  Gaining a large viewership with over 120 million views over the last 2 years and close to 60 million minutes watched in 2019.   I feel the knowledge I have learned by working side by side with Red Bull Media House over the past 8 years have given me great insight on the fast pace world of online deliverables.   I’d love the opportunity to take my already toned skills and learn from your team and make some amazing entertainment. 

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